Spalding VS Wilson Basketball NBA, Detailed Comparison

Every basketball lover is familiar with the two names Spalding and Wilson and there is always a debate about which brand produces better basketball. The ball’s premium quality is important for a player’s exceptional performance. If the ball is not made according to the professional standard of the game then the players cannot showcase their high-quality performance. The substandard basketball can cause miss convenience in dribbling and shooting therefore the high-quality basketball is used in the games for a smooth game.

Spalding and Wilson are the two most famous names in the sports industry and their basketballs are used all around the world in official matches of different leagues. These two manufacturers made basketball with different kinds of materials that gives the ball a soft, bouncy, and non-sticky feel. The size and material matter when it comes to choosing the premium quality basketball. It’s a tricky question which brand is superior in making super quality basketball because every player has their own choice.

Spalding VS Wilson Basketball

Both brands manufacture different types of basketball such as Indoor, outdoor, and customized basketballs.  Material, Internal structure, cover construction, and channel depth are the main features of any basketball.  If the brand compromises on any pivotal features of the basketball then it will leave a bad impact on player performance.

Which brand is best and what are the main features of these brands of basketball? Well, in this article I will guide you on the characteristics of the basketball produced by both brands. These details will guide the about the different features of a basketball so you can easily choose which brand is superior in producing basketballs.

Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball

Wilson Evolution

The Wilson Evolution basketball is one of the best-selling indoor basketball due to its supreme characteristics. If you want to showcase your skills with the ball then the Wilson Evolutions is the best thing for you. What makes this basketball so special? Well, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this basketball. The below video will guide you to the prominent features of this amazing ball.


Non sticky texture

Approved by NFHS

Evo cushion core carcass

Micro-fiber composite leather

Composite pebbled channels deliver

Enhanced grip & long-lasting durability


Deflate quickly experienced by some user

A little bit expensive as compared to the other  balls

Wilson NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Wilson NCAA

The indoor-outdoor basketball or all surfaces basketball is the best to use on both indoor and outdoor courts. The all-surface basketball is made with synthetic composite material. The composite cover provides a soft touch experience while the deep channel construction enhances the grip on the ball. The Carcass construction adds durability and rebound. Just have a quick look at the Wilson NCAA Replica Game performance video next to the button


Best to use for all surfaces

Composite cover for solid grip

Deep channel construction for ball control

Premium carcass construction for enhanced durability


Air Leakage complaints by some users

Grip get loose quickly as complained by some users

Why Wilson Basketball is Better?

The Wilson basketball is manufactured by the prominent American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois, “The Wilson Sporting Goods Company”. The Wilson game ball is made according to the world-class standard which is supplied in different leagues and world-class tournaments.  Wilson is currently the official supplier of basketball in NBA, WNBA, NCAA Tournaments, CCAA, U Sports, LPB, BBL, and UBA Pro League.

Wilson starts manufacturing basketball in 1946 and quickly becomes a famous name among basketball lovers. Wilson is famous for its indoor basketballs which are manufactured from horween leather which is considered one of the best leather in the world. The horween leather provides a firm grip on the ball and gives a soft touch experience. The leather takes some time to break in therefore the more you use the ball on the court the better it feels. The indoor ball comes with a long-lasting inflation retention lining. The Wilson is also manufactured with synthetic leather and super quality Evo microfiber composite.

The synthetic and microfiber Composite material removes moisture from the surface and enhances grip for better ball handling. The extra cushioning allows the player’s fingers a firm and deeper grip on the surface for a soft touch experience. The Wilson also made basketball with microfiber composite material and synthetic leather that gives you a real leather feel but is less costly than the original leather. These materials provide a soft-touch easy grip and less time for break-in.

Unparalleled Control, Enhanced Grip, Soft Cushioning, and Long Lasting Durability are the key features of a Wilson indoor basketball.  The Wilson indoor basketballs are expensive due to their prominent features. These supreme-quality basketballs help players to showcase powerful camaraderie and incredible athleticism.

The Indoor-outdoor all surfaces basketballs are usually made of rubber or composite materials to cope with the tough weather conditions on outdoor surfaces. The deep channel construction ensures optimal grip in all outdoor conditions.  Inflation retention lining ensures persistent air retention. The rubber or composite materials need less time to break in and provide high resilience and durability on asphalt, tarmacadam, polymeric rubber crumb, and concrete surfaces. You can take a look at the below prominent details of Wilson basketballs.

Spalding Legacy Indoor Basketball

Spalding Legacy

The Legacy TF 1000 is built with a microfiber composite to eliminate the risk of sweating. The cover moisture management system removes sweat to ensure maximum ball control. Spalding shooter’s Seam provides exceptional control and precise accuracy. The rotational butyl bladder is used to ensure supreme air retention. The Spalding legacy is the best indoor basketball to improve your shooting and dribbling skills. You can go through the below video to learn about the supreme characteristics of this ball.


Deep channel design for ultimate control

Sponge carcass for responsive cushioning

Nylon windings are used to maintain structural stability

Rotationally-balanced butyl bladder is used for perfect air retention

Microfiber composite leather provides superior ball grip and removes sweat


Feels sticky in the beginning

Some user complains about the compromise in quality material

Spalding Never Flat Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

Spalding Never Flat

Why Spalding never flat all surface basketball is better than any other average basketball?  The Indoor-outdoor basketball is made of faux leather that gives you a feel of real leather and with all supreme specs its the most affordable basketball from these 4 products. The supreme composite cover with sponge carcass provides a soft touch experience while the never flat air retention technology contains nitroflate molecules that keep your ball inflated for a long period. Your ball will never be flat due to advanced air retention technology. The durable composite cover easily tackles the rough conditions of the outdoor court. This short tutorial will guide you to the prominent features of this ball.


Deep channel design for ultimate control

Sponge carcass for responsive cushioning

Nylon windings are used to maintain structural stability

Rotationally-balanced butyl bladder is used for perfect air retention

Microfiber composite leather provides superior ball grip and removes sweat


Feels sticky in the beginning

Some user complains about the compromise in quality material

Why Spalding Basketball is Better?

Spalding holds a special place in a basketball lover’s heart. Spalding is a distinguished and celebrated name in sports equipment manufacturing companies. Spalding is currently a leading producer of basketball around the globe. This sports equipment manufacturing firm was established by Albert Spalding in Chicago, in 1876, and is currently operated from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Spalding starts manufacturing basketball in 1894 and you can guess the popularity of this brand as Spalding was the official ball supplier of the NBA from 1983 to 2021. Spalding is currently the official basketball supplier of different leagues and associations such as LNB, Euro League, Euro Cup, LNB, BBL, GBL, KBS, MNBA, ABA, NAIA, NJCAA, KHSAA, USCAA, NBL, and VBA. Do you ever think what makes Spalding basketball superior?

Spalding is producing supreme quality full grain horween leather basketballs as well as composite material basketballs for Indoor courts. The leather provides exceptional grip and ensures superior ball handling. The butyl bladder provides perfect air retention while nylon winding maintains structural integrity. The full-grain leather provides a soft touch experience. The microfiber composite material offers a better moisture management control system for superior ball handling.

Spalding is manufacturing its outdoor basketball from rubber while the multi-function indoor- outdoor basketball is made of composite material. The outdoor basketball rubber provides superior performance and deep channel design exceptional control of the ball. The durable rubber easily withstands asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Spalding is using composite material in their indoor-outdoor all surfaces basketball. The composite cover with sponge carcass offers a soft-touch experience and outstanding performance on the court. Spalding is using sponge carcass for additional softness. The composite material breaks in quickly and is less costly than the original leather. You can check the below regarding different types of Spalding basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does NBA use Wilson or Spalding?

Spalding was the supplier for official basketballs for NBA from 1983 to 2021 but due to the non-renewal of the contract therefore NBA signed a new deal with the Wilson for the official supplier of basketballs. In the 2021-2022 seasons, Wilson will supply their basketballs in official NBA matches.

Is Spalding the official NBA ball?

Spalding is no more the official supplier of NBA. Spalding was the official supplier of NBA from 1983 to 2021 and this partnership continued for more than 30 years; however, their contract was expired with NBA and a new contract cannot be renewed due to disagreements on the terms and conditions of a new contract. As per the Spalding Vice President and General Manager, Matt Murphy said, they could not agree on the terms of the new contract therefore 2020-2021 season will be their last.


Everyone has their own choice and likeness regarding the Spalding and Wilson basketballs but I think Spalding is better than the Wilson in terms of premium quality material, Cost, moisture control, and supreme performance. In my opinion, Spalding took the lead on Wilson in different aspects. Spalding is slightly better than the Wilson because Spalding offers less expensive and better quality game balls. Spalding is using various features in their balls whether it is never flat technology, new advanced grip control, (AGC) shooter’s seam technology, and sponge carcass.

The cost of the Spalding basketballs is relatively low than the Wilson. If you want to choose the best Spalding indoor basketball then TF M official basketball is the best option while in Wilson NBA official game basketball is considered the best indoor ball. Both brands are manufacturing bet indoor-outdoor all surfaces basketball which can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Wilson NCAA Replica is the best ball for all surfaces and in Spalding Never Flat Elite Indoor-outdoor provides excellent performance on the court. I hope this article will give you the complete details regarding Spalding vs Wilson Basketball and you can easily choose the best ball for your game.

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