Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court

The renowned gym chain Planet Fitness is reputed for its reasonably priced membership costs, welcoming environment, and extensive selection of exercise gear. So, if you want to know is there a basketball court at Planet Fitness? You are in the right place.

Planet Fitness already offers many things, like cardio and strength equipment, group fitness classes, tanning beds, hydromassage beds, and additional amenities like the Black Card Spa for premium members.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court

Experiencing Planet Fitness:

Before exploring whether or not Planet Fitness has basketball courts, it’s critical to comprehend the whole range of services that Planet Fitness provides. Planet Fitness wants to make sure that everyone, regardless of fitness level, feels welcome and unjudged. The brand’s distinctive character is enhanced by its use of bright purple and yellow hues, a “Lunk Alarm” policy that discourages loud grunting and threatening conduct, and a variety of cardio and strength equipment.

The Gym Amenities:

To accommodate its members’ varied fitness interests, Planet Fitness locations usually include a variety of amenities. These facilities frequently consist of:

  • Cardio Equipment
    Static bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, and more.
  • Strength Training
    Many weightlifting and resistance training equipment.
  • Free Weights
    Bench press, barbell, dumbbells.
  • Group Fitness Classes
    A variety of classes, including Zumba, yoga, and circuit training, are available at Planet Fitness.
  • Tanning Beds
    For an additional charge, tanning facilities are offered in several locations.
  • Hydromassage Beds
    An excellent method to unwind following exercise.
  • Black Card Spa
    Extra benefits like access to massage chairs and other upscale amenities are included with these premium memberships.

The Absence of Basketball Courts:

Yes, as the headline indicates, there aren’t any basketball courts at any of Planet Fitness’ US or international facilities. This gym chain does not have either indoor or outdoor courts. Founded in 1992, the fitness chain has thirty years of history. The locations haven’t had basketball courts since they opened.

You might also be curious about whether this gym has basketball courts at all of its sites. Ultimately, there are more than 2,000 clubs at Planet Fitness.

Why Is There No Basketball Court at Planet Fitness?

While Planet Fitness bills itself as an inexpensive gym, it does not offer basketball courts. For this reason, the network of fitness centers must limit amenities in order to maintain low membership costs.

Sports facilities are typically less of a priority in Planet Fitness gyms than standard fitness equipment and classes. This means that you may need to take into account other gym chains or establishments that focus on sports and recreation if you’re specifically searching for a gym with a basketball court.

Where to Get a Basketball Court in a Gym?

If shooting hoops is a must for your exercise regimen, there are plenty of gyms, rec centers, and sports complexes that have basketball courts built into their spaces. Here are some alternatives to think about:

  • Local Recreation Centers
    The basketball courts at some local community centers and leisure centers are accessible to the general public.
  • YMCA
    Basketball courts and a variety of exercise programs are frequently available at YMCA locations.
  • College or University Gyms
    There are academic institutions that provide public access to their gymnasiums, which include basketball courts.
  • Specialty Sports Clubs
    Some sports clubs and complexes specialize in providing basketball and other sports amenities.

Other Gyms ThAT Have Basketball Courts:

The majority of 24 Hour Fitness’ US facilities feature basketball courts, making it an inexpensive national gym chain. At certain locations, LA Fitness also offers this amenity to visitors, members, and children. Other fitness centers with indoor basketball courts include the following:

  1. Gold’s Gym
  2. World Gym
  3. YMCA
  4. Equinox
  5. Lifetime Fitness

Do Basketball Courts Come Soon to Planet Fitness?

In its thirty years of business, Planet Fitness has never provided basketball courts. It is therefore doubtful that the chain of gyms will offer this feature in the future. For the most recent information, it is advised to check out their official website or get in touch with nearby branches.


A basketball court is not usually one of the many workout amenities and equipment that Planet Workout, a well-known gym franchise, offers. If you’re devoted to using basketball courts as part of your workout regimen, you might want to look at alternative gyms, neighborhood leisure centers, YMCA locations, or sports clubs. Whether it’s for basketball or any other fitness activity, always do your homework and visit several fitness centers to choose which one best meets your needs and tastes.

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