Shooting Guard (SG) In Basketball: The Ultimate Guide to Playing Shooting Guard Types, Roles, Responsibilities

Since the 3-point shot is been introduced in basketball the role of the shooting guard has gained cardinal significance.

Shooting guards are predominantly the versatile player of the team. The shooting guard exhibits both offensive and defensive gameplay. However, the shooting guard’s main objective is to score points i.e “shooting”.

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Who Is the Shooting Guard In Basketball

Shooting Guard Offensive Play

The shooting guards of the team are expected to set up the offense plays. They create shots in the halfcourt by playing beyond the three-point line. As an outcome of the powerful play and accurate shooting, the potential shots behind the three-point line influence the defensive players to step farther out to guard him wholly. Consequently, it opens up the floor for the rest of the 4 team players to actively play.

Potentially, the shooting guard is the team’s leading outside shooter and set up the shooting guard for long-range shots. Besides, the shooting guard is responsible for driving the ball down the court, creating his own shot off the dribble, and driving to the bucket. Further, the shooting guard necessitates being a fast dribbler, a competent catcher, an all-around shooter, and a potent ball-passing player.

Since shooting guard(also termed Two-point guard) are able to score in many ways and holds diverse expertise in offense tactics which is also known as basketball transition, the team often relies on them in difficult situations. In scenarios where the strong defense breaks down the offenses’ synchronization and limits scoring ability, the shooting guard comes forward and performs as a savior. They run and play on the lanes in the most effective manner in fastbreak situations, carrying the ball towards the basket and committing the dunks in the most deadlocked situations.

Shooting Guard Defensive Play

A Shooting guard is designated for the duty of being a strong perimeter defender. Better shooting from behind the three-point line forces the defense to play on the perimeter, which resultantly opens up the lanes for the post players to get the ball inside and to play penetration.

They have been positioned in the zones, where they can have the vision of the entire court. Thence, they are considered a threat to the opponent team as they are able to score defensively with diverse vision. Being on the defense, the shooting guard’s efforts for getting the rebounds and guards the opposite players.

Though the shooting guard does not hold responsibility equal to the point guards, they still are considered an integral part of the team as they occasionally relieve the point guards by owning proficiency and performing in the various zones relatably.

The great 3 shooting guards in history Allan Houston, Reggie Miller, and Mitch Richmond have recorded their names at the top of the SG shining stars list with their offensive play of efficient scoring ability and alongside legitly playing solid defense. Other notable shooting guards include James Harden, Klay Thompson, and Bradley Beal.

Shooting Guard: Swingman

A player sometimes may switch the roles between shooting guard and small forward. Such a player is referred to as ‘Swingman‘. This varied potential of a shooting guard player bestows him with eminent status in the team.

7 Habits/Tactics of Successful Shooting Guard Players

  • Fast food theory
  • Simplifying the shot
  • Command the Mid-range play
  • Exploring the zones you are best in
  • Insight into how to read the space
  • Rehearsing to score without dribbling
  • Mastery to get good at the opposite

Types of Shooting Guards

  • Off Guards
  • Wing Players

Off Guards:

Shooting guards are also referred to as Off Guards when playing the specific role of making “treys” on the particular area of the court called “downtown”. ‘Making a trey’ is a term used by the officials when the players try to attempt a “three-point shot” on the court.

Wing Players:

Players playing in the wing area, that is the area running along the sidelines surrounding the free-throw line, OR playing in the corners are called Wing Players. Typically players with one of two roles play in a particular area, that is, whether the shooting guards or the small forward.

Tips & Drills to Be a Best Shooting Guard

The most competent and potent players are chosen as shooting guards by the team coaches as they come with huge responsibilities and are integral players of the team. Let’s go through a few helpful tips below, also necessary to know to become a shooting guard to the best of your ability.

1. Shooting

The prime job of the shooting guard is in the title itself i.e “shooting”.  The essentials to polish for being the best shooter are to develop long-range accuracy and shooting off the dribble. The three-point shots are the prime moves by the shooting guard and thence the shooting players needs to be expert at pure jump shots and willing to sink open shots consistently. An efficient shooting guard must be able to play “sports-up” —i.e taking and releasing shots quickly.

2. Perimeter Defense

Perimeter shooting by the shooting guard, needless to say, plays a huge role in changing the game in their own’s favor. Constant learning and polishing of perimeter defense skills by the SG player must be his foremost priority. As the perimeter defense restricts the defensive team play and maximizes the offensive scoring ability overall.

3. Working on Screens to Get Open

The ball handler is usually the point guard while the shooting guards mostly run along the court without the ball. They are likely to put efforts into the screen(s) to get open that have been set in their path on the court.

4. Passing

Though primarily it’s the point guard’s job, still, the shooting guard players are expected to be skilled the ball handling and passing, around the perimeter and into the paint particularly. It also helps when creating your own shot off of the dribble.

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Top Nba Shooting Guards List

Michael Jordan    Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards
Kobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers
Dwayne WadeMiami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers
Jerry WestLos Angeles
James HardenHouston Rockets
Jimmy ButlerChicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat
Klay ThompsonGolden State Warriors

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