Molten BG3800 vs BG4500: Which One You Should Buy

Basketball players love to play with Spalding or Wilson basketballs but there is another brand that is not an ordinary one. Well, I am talking about Molten basketballs. Molten is a well-reputed sports equipment company currently based in Hiroshima, Japan. It is a famous brand for manufacturing basketballs and supplies them worldwide. Molten is the official ball supplier in FIBA worldwide matches and in several domestic leagues.

You often see basketball players debating about which molten basketball is better BG3800 or BG4500. Both basketballs come with different features and in different styles. Molten has introduced the BG-Series for official FIBA world cup matches. The BG-Series basketballs are made with superior quality material which gives you maximum grip, ball control, and optimum performance. In this article, I will tell you all details which make it easy for you to see the actual difference in both basketballs.

Molten BG3800 vs BG4500

Molten Indoor- Outdoor BG3800

If you want to play basketball on indoor or outdoor courts then molten BG 3800 is the ultimate solution to demonstrate a power booster performance. This basketball comes with the latest surface texture that provides you the ideal grip in sweat or moisture conditions. The texture of the BG 3800 proves beneficial in ball control skills. The smooth design and the improved surfaced textures give you optimum performance on the court.

This basketball is made with premium quality synthetic material that can easily cope with rough surface conditions. The basketball features an official 12-panel alongside 2 tone color design. The nylon is used to retain the structural construction while the butyl bladder keeps the air for longer durations and provides a sufficient amount of bounce and rebound.

Features of Synthetic Molten BG3800

The molten has introduced some amazing features in their BG Series ball. Below are the various features of Molten BG3800.

  • Durable synthetic material Cover
  • Official 12 panel design according to the FIBA standards
  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor use
  • Nylon wound helps to retain the structural integrity
  • Butyl bladder provides sufficient bounce
  • Sweat or moisture control system repels water and or sweat
  • Available in 3 different official sizes 5,6, and 7 (B7G3800), (B6G3800), (B5G3800)
  • Molten provides one year warranty on this product
  • The ball weight is only 0.53 kilograms
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎9.5 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Available in orange and ivory colors
Pros of Molten BG3800Cons of Molten BG3800
Offers excellent bounceLess durable
Channels provide superior gripA bit heavier than other balls
Effective moisture and sweat removal technologyFade quickly as per experiences by some users
Latest surface texture provide ideal grip and improve ball handling

Molten Composite Indoor BG4500

Molten BG4500 is an exceptional product for indoor basketball players. This indoor basketball is a perfect blend of design and performance. The Molten basketball cover is made with composite leather material and synthetic microfiber material is used in the outer part of the ball. The composite cover provides you with outstanding grip and exceptional ball handling on indoor surfaces. The Molten BG4500 also features 12 panel approved by FIBA alongside a 2-tone design.

A nylon wound is used to make a rigid structure while the butyl bladder offers great bounce. The moisture control in this product is exceptional that gives you a non-slippery experience. You can take your game to another level by playing with the molten top-rated indoor basketball.

Features of Molten BG 4500 Indoor Basketball

If you want to show some extraordinary skills on the indoor surface then the BG 4500 can be your partner in the game. The various features of this product make it exceptional.  Keep reading the below details to get familiar with the tremendous features of this indoor basketball.

  • Composite leather material to enhance durability
  • Synthetic microfiber material is used in the outer part of the ball
  • 12-panel design approved by the international basketball federation
  • Nylon wound is used for a more rigid structure
  • Butyl bladder offers great bounce
  • Available in official size 7 and size 6 (B7G4500), (B6G4500)
  • Molten offers a 2-year warranty on BG 4500
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 9 x 9 x 10 inches
  • The weight of this ball is ‎0.61 Kilograms
  • A great option for indoor performance
Pros of Molten BG 4500Cons of Molten BG 4500
Provides consistent gripLittle bit expensive
Exceptional moisture controlFeel small in hands
Molten offers  2 year warrantyLess shooting accuracy
Premium composite leather material provide great durabilityDifficulties in ball handling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is molten BG3800 good for outdoor?

The Molten BG 3800 is the best basketball to use on outdoor court. The premium quality synthetic material can easily cope with the rough conditions of the rough surfaces and the butyl bladder provides exceptional bounce on the outdoor surfaces. The moisture control system removes the sweaty elements and makes the ball less slippery. If you want to showcase some exceptional skills then BG3800 is the best option.

Is molten BG3800 indoor or outdoor?

The BG3800 can be used on both Indoor and outdoor courts due to its sleek design and supreme synthetic material. BG 3800 is made with the innovative technology that provides you maximum grip and optimum performance. You can buy this exceptional basketball in a very affordable price. This indoor and outdoor basketball definitely worth your money.

Is the Molten BG4500 good for outdoor?

Well, I like to tell you that BG 4500 is actually an indoor ball which is made of Composite leather material. You cannot use this basketball on outdoor surfaces because the material will not cope with rough surfaces and your ball will be destroyed. This ball is good to use only on indoor court.


I hope you can easily check the difference between Molten BG3800 and BG4500 by following the above details. Both balls are designed to use on multiple surfaces and their features assure exceptional performance on an indoor and outdoor court. You can use BG 3800 for all surfaces indoor and outdoor but BG 4500 can be used only on indoor surfaces.

I would recommend using BG 3800 due to its dual-surface functionality. The BG 3800 comes in an affordable price range and can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces but the BG 4500 is a little bit expensive and can be used only on the indoor courts. The overall performance, ball grip and ball controlling of BG 3800 is exceptional on indoor and outdoor courts and you will not regret your decision by choosing BG 3800.

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