How to Improve Dribbling in basketball? 6 Effective Ways That Help

Do you ever think why couches emphasize you to polish your ball handling skills? In basketball, you need unmatchable ball-controlling skills for dribbling. Dribbling is considered one of the basic pillars of the game because you cannot conclude a game without dribbling. If you learn the technique of dribbling efficiently then no one can outscore you. Dribbling gives you the advantage of creating enough space for a smooth transition towards the hoop to score a basket.

Everyone wants to be a great dribbler like K Irving but it needs dedication and a strong will power because these legends spend a lot of time on the courts to make their dribbling skills perfect because dribbling is not about bouncing a ball with your hands therefore a good dribbler put his all efforts into developing dribbling skills. A good dribbler must have balanced control of hand momentum and good eye coordination to bounce the ball. The more time you spend in practice sessions to improve your dribbling skills then you have the fewer chances of losing the ball to the opposition. If you don’t focus on your dribbling techniques then you can easily lose possession of the ball to defensive players.

Improve Dribbling in basketball

The dribbling has evolved with the passage of time and now you can use different types of dribbling moves to outscore the opponents. You can practice different dribbling techniques to surprise the opposition on the court. When you learn the basics of dribbling then you can start practicing Crossover dribble, Between the legs dribble, Behind the back dribble, Wraparound dribble, In and out dribble, V dribble, Different heights dribble, and Ankle breaker dribble.

How to Get Better at Dribbling

If you spend your valuable time developing your several dribbling skills then you can be the master of the game. Let me tell you about the effective ways of improving your dribbling skills so you can effectively use these surprising dribbling techniques to outscore the opponent.

1. Understand the Placement of Your Hand

Placement of Your Hand

The first thing you have to learn is the perfect coordination of your fingers and palm. You need a balanced movement of your hands to dribble with maximum force. You don’t have to slap the ball with your palm because you will lose control of the ball. Your fingers will not generate enough power to bounce the ball. You have to spread your fingers wide to cover the surface of the ball as much as possible and use the top of the palm to generate maximum power.

With a better understanding of your wrist, palm, and fingers coordination you will not lose control of the ball and can easily drive the ball with full strength. Don’t give pain to your hand with the wrong placement on the ball instead of that practice the proper mechanism of dribbling the ball.

2. Dribbling with Both Hands

Dribbling with Both Hands

How dribbling with both hands gives you an advantage on the court? Well, dribbling with both hands gives you an idea about the proper strength of your hand. For some people, a right hand has more strength and for some left hand has more power. You can explore your arm strength by practicing dribbling with both hands. This technique will boost your confidence and eventually strengthen your weak arm.

You can dominate with your weak hand by practicing dribbling with both hands. The two-ball dribbling drill gives you multiple benefits. The first benefit is to explore the strength of your weak arm and the second one is to enhance dribbling abilities. You can practice this skill on the court, at home, and outside your home.

3. Low Dribble Practice in Basketball

Low Dribble Practice

Do you ever practice low dribbling to enhance your dribbling abilities? The low dribble helps you maintain the possession of the ball and in creating hurdles for your opponents to save the ball. If you want to see significant improvement in your dribbling skills then low dribbling is the key to success for you. The player holds the basketball low to create difficulty for the opposing team’s players.

You can improve your dribbling skills by practicing keeping the ball low as much as possible so it will be impossible for the opponent team to steal the ball from your hands. The more you practice the more you will become consistent in low-ground dribbling and eventually, your dribbling will be significantly improved.

4. Figure 8 Dribble

Figure 8 Dribble

Figure 8 is the advanced form of dribbling drill that gives strength to your hand for dribbling and improves your passing and catching ability. Slightly bent and stretch your legs wide and pass the ball through your legs in the figure 8 motion. Bounce the ball with your right hand and pass it to your left hand between your legs and then pass the ball with your left hand by going through your legs to your right hand.

You can practice this technique for 45 seconds to 1 mint that will improve the speed and power of your hand. Figure 8 Drill gives you the ultimate success in performing different moves.

5. Different Heights Dribble

Different Heights Dribble

In this dribbling move, the player bounces the ball at different heights to lure them into this tricky move.  High and low ground dribbling is the two main features of this technique. This drill will help you to enhance your abilities in low and high-level dribbling.

This move gives you the advantage over smaller or taller players than your height.  This move will prove helpful in luring the opponent player on the court.

6. Crossover Dribble

Crossover Dribble

A traditional but the most effective ball-handling drill is the crossover. The cross-over helps you to improve your speed and ball-handling skills. There are many variations of cross-over that you can practice to improve your speed.

In this drill, the player learns to alter the direction while switching the ball swiftly from one hand to another.  You can practice Normal crossover, Between the legs, In and Out, Behind the back, and Double crossover to perfect your ball-handling skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is dribbling an exercise?

Dribbling can be considered as an exercise because your whole body is in momentum while dribbling. You can perform different variations of dribbling to make the difficulty level high.

How can I improve my dribbling skills in football?

Want to be a pro dribbler then start working on developing dribbling skills. You can develop your dribbling skills by understanding the proper hand placement on the ball. Dribbling with two balls and various dribbling variations can give you instant results.

Is dribbling a basketball skill?

A fundamental principle of any sport is important in deriving the results of the game. Dribbling is considered one of the basic skills of basketball that you cannot ignore because you cannot play or conclude a game without performing its basic skills.


Everyone wants to be the best player on the field but the reward goes to the one who spends their time improving vital skills. You can improve your skills by following the above methods that will give you benefit in the court. I have mentioned all the details that are necessary for developing your dribbling skills. If you start focusing on improving your dribbling skills then no one can bring your down on the court. I hope this article will help you to improve your basic ball handling and dribbling skills.

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