How to Improve Crossover in Basketball: Moves that Make You Perfect Player

Crossover Dribble is an offensive basketball technique to deceive the defense and score a basket. In crossover players usually switch the ball swiftly from one hand to another for a change of direction. The crossover is a decisive move of faking out other basketball players. The players can execute crossover from all five positions on the court, but it is used explicitly by point and shooting guards to clear a path to the basket.

With proper execution of the crossover move, you can make the defender out of position that allows you to take a shot or pass. The crossover dribble is a powerful technique that can weaken the defense position. Still curious regarding how to improve crossover in basketball just check out the below points but important notes to become better player also recommended to read.

Improve Crossover

How to Become a Master in Crossover

You can earn a big game for your team by becoming a master in Crossover Dribble. These effective drills can instantly improve your crossover techniques. Just follow the below foundational drills to become a master in crossover move.

1. Stationary Crossover:

Improve your crossover with the amazing Stationary Crossover drill.  In this drill, you can swiftly shift the ball from one side of the body to the other. Follow the below points for successful execution of the stationary crossover.

  • keep the ball low as much as possible while shifting it from your right hand to your left hand and back.
  • Remember to keep your shoulder wide apart and begin with 2 dribbles with the right hand and then crossing over to the left one.
  • Start dribbling with the right hand then crossover and take one dribble with the left hand.
  • Now simply do crossovers without dribbling.
  • You have to protect the ball from the defensive player by keeping the crossover close to the body.
  • You cannot perform crossover slowly so your crossover should be fast.
  • Repeat the crossover in the sets with a gap of 15 to 20 seconds.

The Stationary Crossover is an essential drill in perfecting your crossover dribble. You can effectively defeat your defender with the smooth execution of the stationary crossover drill.

2. Straight-line Crossover:

The second method to improve your crossover is Straight-line Crossover Drill. You can begin this drill by putting several cones 3 feet apart. It is the best frill to evade defenders. Let’s check the below points for the proper execution of this drill.

  • Begin with the ball in the right hand and dribble at the cone crossing over from right to left at the first cone.
  • Get the leg between the cone and the ball by taking a big fast step with the right leg.
  • Now start crossover from left to right hand to the next cone.
  • Repeat the process in five sets with a gap of 20 seconds in each set.

3. Zigzag Crossover:

Zigzag crossover is an effective drill to improve your crossover skills. The Zigzag cross-over is similar to the straight line crossover. You can set up the six cones by using a right to left zigzag pattern from one end to the other of the court.

  • Start Dribbling with the ball in your right hand towards the first cone.
  • Do a  crossover dribble to the left hand after reaching the first cone and continues dribbling towards the second cone.
  • Continue the process until reaching the last cone.

4. Be a Perfectionist in Ball Handling Skills:

If you want to execute a crossover properly then you have to be a perfectionist in ball-handling skills. There are different variations in crossover and to be a master in the crossover variation it is important to dribble in both hands.

You can simply deceive the defender by abruptly changing your directions. You need a lot of dedication and practice to improve crossover. If you are good at ball handling skills then you can become a champion in the crossover variations.

Variations in Crossover

There are different variations in the crossover that can be used efficiently to evade the defenders and score points for your team. After improving your crossover skills you can use the crossover variations to become a better player on the court. Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned crossover variations.

1. Normal Crossover:

Normal Crossover is simply the abrupt change of direction in which the player shifts the ball to the opposite hand while swiftly changing directions. The proper execution of this type of crossover depends on your speed. Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook are the champions at this certain crossover.

2. Between the Legs Crossover:

In this type of crossover, the player dribbles the ball between the legs from one hand to the other. You can use this technique to save the ball from the defenders.

3. Killer Crossover:

Killer Crossover is also known as Ankle-snatcher or Ankle-breaker, in which the player fakes in one direction, by taking a wide step. The killer crossover is an effective way to escape from a defender. In this move, the defender instantly loses his balance. Tim Hardaway is a perfectionist of the killer crossover.

4. Behind the Back Crossover:

It is the opposite of the normal crossover in which the player dribbles the ball from one hand to the other behind the back.

5. Double Crossover:

In this certain crossover, the offensive player crosses the ball over and then swiftly crosses the ball back to its original position. The double crossover is normally used to confuse the defender. Double Crossover is popularized by Allen Iverson in the early 2000s.

Final Conclusion:

I have mentioned all the details that you can use to improve your crossover in basketball. The crossover method is one of the best techniques to deceive the defenders. Once you improve your crossover technique you can use its different variations to win the game efficiently.

You can be the shining start of your team once you become perfect in different crossover variations. I have carefully mentioned all the methods to improve crossover so you prove yourself as the best performer on the court. You can also give us your valuable feedback via the below form.

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