How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? 9 Effective Methods That work

If you love to play basketball but often your shoes lose their grip and you face difficulty in dribbling. Then don’t worry today we are going to solve this problem. Obviously during the game, there is no chance of getting a new pair of basketball shoes so you have to keep up with one you already wear.

Here in this article, we are sharing different methods that one can opt for according to their availability of things. But every method is worthwhile and will give your shoes improved grip and you can run and dribble faster. Stability on the floor is also very important while playing so ultimately you’ll need these methods to know.

Without wasting any single second of your precious time, let’s just get started. Keep reading the article to learn more methods and ideas to make your basketball shoes more grippy.

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

1. Cleaning of the Sole of Shoes

To enhance the grip of your basketball shoes, the very basic step you need to do is the cleaning (hand washing) of the sole of shoes with regularity. When dust and dirt get accumulated on the outsole of the shoes then these forign particles prevent the optimal sole of the shoes to contact the floor and as a result your shoes lose grip and become slippery like the cars on wet roads.

Cleaning of the Sole of Shoes

Here is the very simple and easy method to follow for cleaning your basketball shoes to regain and increase their grip.

Material Required

Here is the list of things that are going to be required for proper cleaning of your basketball shoes outsole.

  • Hard bristle brush
  • Towel
  • Water and a liquid detergent

Procedure – Step-By-Step

We Are Going to Explain the Step-By-Step Guide and Procedure for Cleaning the Outsole of Basketball Shoes Here. Hope You Find It Really Understanding for You.

Rub off the Grooves

Take a Hard Bristle Brush and Start Rubbing off the Stuck Dirt and Debris From the Grooves of the Outsole of the Shoe. You Can Buy the Hard Bristled Brushes Specially Made for This Purpose From Online and Retailing Stores Like Amazon.

And if you don’t have any you can use a toothbrush instead. Toothpicks will also work to remove the dirt and debris from the grooves for deep cleaning.

Wipe the Outsole

Next, make a mixture by adding a few drops of liquid detergent in water. Now dip the towel into this soapy water and start wiping the outsole of the basketball. You can also use either a toothbrush or soft brush for wiping off any remaining dirt and dust that causes slipping.

Dry the Shoes

After you have done cleaning of the outsole, take a new clean towel and dry the pair of your basketball shoes. But if you have done deep cleaning, then it is recommended to air dry them.

2. Utilization of Grip Enhancers:

If cleaning the outsole of basketball shoes is not enough for recovering and increasing the grip then your shoes need extra attention. Grip enhancers and sprays are quite effective and easy to use. They add more court grip to your shoes immediately.

Utilization of Grip Enhancers

Material Required

For this method you just need to buy a good grip enhancer or spray and all done. No other equipment is required for this method.

Procedure – Step-By-Step

  1. Take off your basketball shoes.
  2. Apply the Coat of Spray on the Outsole of Your Basketball Shoes.
  3. Wait a while, until the content sticks on the sole.
  4. Wear your shoes again and they are ready for your next one-on-one game or practice.

Note: Such grip enhancers and sticky sprays give the shoes temporary grip, but no worries a single application can give you good enough grip for a full match.

3. Use of Vaseline:

Vaseline has the capacity to provide moisture for a long period of time. Hence, it can improve the traction of your basketball shoes very well.

Use of Vaseline

Material Required

The material that is required if you are using this quick and easy way for improving grip of your basketball shoes includes,

  • Vaseline
  • Wet towel
  • Tooth brush

Procedure – Step-By-Step

The procedure is very simple. You just need to follow a few steps and be done.

Clean the Outsole of Shoes

Take a wet towel and clean the outsole of the basketball shoes thoroughly by removing all dirt and debris. After cleaning, dry them up with another piece of clean towel.

Smear Vaseline

Take a small amount of vaseline and smear it on the outsole of your basketball shoes. The coating should not be of much quantity of vaseline.

Spread With Toothbrush

Use a toothbrush or any soft brush for spreading the oil of vaseline all over the sole and grooves of your shoes. If a brush is not immediately available, you can also use your finger for spreading. Wear your shoes and they are ready to go again with even more strong grip.

4. Use of Sticky Mats:

Sticky mats also known as sticky pads are easily available in online stores and sports bars to buy. They are very easy to use and effective. They primarily sit in the gyms and also placed at the corners of courts.

Use of Sticky Mats

For this method, simply get off from the court and step on the sticky mats. These mats easily put out all the dirt and dust from the sole and grooves of your shoes. Thus this way, they will restore the grip of basketball shoes.

5. Use of Sandpaper

If you are not fond of using expensive products and can’t afford them then this method is the right choice for you. You will love this technique because it is very easy to use and cheap.

Use of Sandpaper

Material Required

You just need a heavy grit sandpaper and nothing else.


Take your basketball shoes off and start rubbing heavy grit sandpaper against the sole and grooves on it. Continue doing this until they really become rough enough. In this way, the grip of your basketball shoes will restore and enhance to an amazing extent.

Whenever your shoes lose grip and you notice them smooth, just repeat this process in break. A nail file which is very easy to carry even in a pocket can perform the pretty same job as sandpaper.

6. Use Of Hair Spray:

As I have mentioned earlier, utilization of grip enhancers and sticky gels improves the grip of basketball shoes to the next level similarly you can also use hair spray for quick and instant solution.

No doubt, it will give them temporary grip but still it can go long enough to cover the first quarter of game without being slippery.

Procedure – Step-by-step

The procedure includes very few steps to follow and here they are.

  1. Simply clean the outsole of your basketball shoes with a wet towel.
  2. After cleaning, make them dry by means of another clean towel.
  3. Spray the outsole and grooves for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Let the spray settle down for a few seconds.
  5. Wear them back and be ready to play the championship game again.

7. Use of Sweat and Saliva:

Just imagine you are in-between the game and your shoes become difficult for you as they become slippery due to dust and dirt on the court. The very immediate solution and option that one can use to get back the grip of their skateball shoes is by providing a quick moisture.

Spitting saliva and spreading sweat on the outsole of shoes, undoubtedly, sounds disgusting but nobody wants to lose their game. If you probably have none to do… Just either wipe your face with your hands and collect some sweat to smear over the sole or spit saliva. This will in result reduce the thin layer of dirt and dust, add some grip due to moisture and you can continue your game.

8. Give the Court Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning the court is not a difficult procedure but YES very requisite because the dirt and dust that accumulated at the floor can stick on your shoes and even after the inside outside cleaning of your basketball shoes, they will get slipped during your match and practice.

So whenever you feel the slippery effect as you run with cleaned shoes on the court just get the hint that the court needs immediate cleaning. Just use the mop and water to clean the court as you used to clean the house.

9. Change the Outsole

Sometimes, none of the above mentioned methods just cannot give your shoes better grip. This happens when the outsole of your basketball shoes gives up its function due to the much usage. So nothing will work for you. But no worries, instead of changing up the whole pair of shoes you can just replace the outsole. This will save you from ample expense and you will be good to go with an old one pair of shoes but even better grip.

Things to Remember!!

Here are some obvious things and points that one should avoid in order to keep their basketball shoes better.

👉 Avoid spraying too much shoe cleaner on your basketball shoes.

👉 If you deep-cleaned your shoes, then it is recommended to air dry them.

👉 Do not place your basketball shoes in direct sunlight because it will cause the dry out of rubber and shoes become slippery.

👉 Applying too much enhancer or sticky spray on the sole of shoes even when they are already grippy, will return become more slippery.

👉 The basketball shoes are made to provide grip on court not on concrete and hard floors. So avoid wearing them in outdoor places and it will lose their grip.


If you are a basketball player, you know better that swift movement and strong stability is very important while dunking and dribbling. Hope you find these methods easy, understandable, and handy to use for regaining the grip of your shoes. If none of the above mentioned methods work then you may need to replace your old one with a new pair of shoes. So try any of the above mentioned methods, roll up your sleeves and start playing your one-on-one game or practice on the court.

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