How Many Players Are on a Basketball Team? (College/NBA/NCAA) – Basketball Team Rosters

Essentially, the number of players varies from league to league, yet, the team rosters must not certainly exceed the definite number stated for each league.

Nonetheless, the question still holds whose precise answer is: “Total of 10, where Five players from each team play up the match on the court”. Roughly, the value ranges from 12-15 players, including the ones listed as either healthy scratch or sitting on the bench. In general, 7-10 players observe the consistent playtime on the court, usually the best players of the team while the others are allotted a fixed amount of court time solely depending upon the decision of the coach.

How Many Players Are on a Basketball Team

Needless to say, building a roster is a hectic task that comes with a huge responsibility. The selection of players is assured of fulfilling the demarcated rules, exceptions, criteria, guidelines, and requirements.

Since the number of players varies with the leagues, let’s delve more into the discourse and explore basic concepts of choosing the number of players and establishing a roster.

Quick Overview

LeagueMaximum Number of Players on the team
FIBA 3×34

What Is the Active Roster in Basketball?

The active roster refers to the list of players that are considered active participants of the team(on the game venue). The composition of the active roster is pursuant to the various different roles and positions of the players. The prime categories of players in the active roster include: “superstars, starters, sixth man, role players, or bench players”.

It is to be said that each team must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 13 players on the active roster/active players list. However, the chances of a play dedicated to each player are neither promised nor defined. It solely depends upon the need of the player by subordinating to his role on the court. Usually, the best players tend to win more time on the court than others. The inexperienced, young, or unneeded relative to their role may appear only for a few minutes or so.

The selection of the players can be wholly determined by the demand of the league. There are no rigid and definite numeral-defined to choose the players resting on their roles. The coaches have the authority to elect the players sharing the exact roles in accordance with the need of the league to form their best-promising team against the opponent. Since the performing timing isn’t prior defined and players are called when they are needed, the players are expected and supposed to take the quick hold of the charge when called upon. 

Essential to mention, that the unhealthy players and healthy scratches are not part of the active roster team, that is not considered “active” to ‘enter’ and be part of the game. However, they may consistently work out to get a position on the active list.

What Is a Healthy Scratch in Basketball? Inactive Roaster in Basketball

A healthy scratch rank concludes the list of fit yet inactive players on the team roster. Although the healthy scratch grade is mostly thought unenviable and unpleasant to get honor with, yet, it can be deemed as the initial step to progress to higher ranks. Besides, the Inactive roster consists of healthy scratches plus unhealthy players on the team.

What Is a Healthy Scratch in Basketball

The healthy scratches are kept as side players in the team roster, who may be called anytime for the play when needed. They are usually supposed to replace or overtake the position of the injured, unhealthy, or an underperforming player. The team can have from 0-2 inactive players on the roster board.

How Many Players Are on the Court in Basketball?

How Many Players Are on the Court in Basketball

Players on the court: 5.

Today, the limit of 5 players is specified for each team making the total up to 10 on the court. The 5 players in the initial phase of the game are considered the “starters”. These starters may keep on shifting their positions with the bench players during the game either due to the demand for another player of a different role or for their relaxation and tranquility to boost up for a grander comeback.

Back in 1981, at the time of the inception of Basketball by Dr. James Naismith, a total of 18 players were allowed on the court, that is 9 from both teams. However, after the modification made to the rules, the amount dropped from 9 to 5 players.

Occasionally, as a consequence of injuries suffered by the active players the team may end up with a decrease in the total number of players. Although the team may carry on playing unless not violating the criteria of a minimum of two players in the team however the prominent detriment may be visible while playing against the opposing team.

A similar incident is worth mentioning that happened in 2010 with the Golden State Warriors, when the maximum number of players was needed 8 in quantity while they only had 6. Meanwhile, their one vigor player got injured and they left with 5 players only. The situation got worse when another player got tossed out as a result of a foul observed, leaving the team with the loss of one more player marking up to 4. The Warrior had to call the injured players back out of necessity. Yet the only blessing that happened after such a rough play full of the roller coaster was the victory of the Warrior’s team unexpectedly and miraculously.

How Many Players Sit on the Bench in Basketball?

The definite number in an active roster is 13 – where 5 resides on the court and the remaining 8 on the bench. However, it may variate depending upon the injured players resting on the bench and the total number of players selected by the coach.

The players certainly keep on shifting from bench to the court-play and vice versa contingent to the level/role of player needed, casting out as a result of some penalty, injuries encountered by the players, and for the dormant for a short interval of the period to boost themselves.

How Many Players Sit on the Bench in Basketball

Every bench player is a competent performer and holds a proficient role to perform on the court. They are expected to promptly gear up themselves whenever called at the instantaneous moments for the play on the court. Together, these players decide the potential win or loss of the game confiding in their performance.

How Many Substitutions Are Allowed in Basketball?

The answer to “how many” is indefinite. Rather the limit is specified for “when?” are the substitutions allowed?

The substitutions can be done as many times as the coaches feel the dire need. However, the timing is designated to “perform” substitutions. For instance, substitution is allowed in a situation, when the dead ball occurs and the clock stops. The referee is then expected to announce the substitution and the player being substituted.

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How Many Substitutions Are Allowed in Basketball

Primarily, there is a wide list of laws to regulate substitution. The substitution pattern followed in NBA is mentioned below.

  • The player is supposed to proceed to the 8’ Substitution Box to the attendant on the scorers’ table to report which player is going to replace. 
  • The player to be substituted is instructed to reside in the 8’ Substitution Box and check in only, on the call of the referee.
  • The players are allowed to join the team being tossed out due to the same dead ball.
  • During free throws, the team must wait for the final free throws if wish to substitute a player, 
  • The players are schooled to be priorly equipped when called upon. No time for preparation is granted – for setting up shoes, etc, and necessary delays.
  • Once called in, the substitution replacement is not allowed unless the player observes any sort of foul, the team requests for a timeout or the possession change occurs.
  • At any moment in the game, if desired to remove the players from the scorer’s table due to inactivity, they are expected to inform prior to being called in and not during or after the game.
  • After a “field goal”. the team has to wait for substitution unless a foul or timeout occurs.
  • The return/substitution of a player is not possible once gets disqualified.

Needless to mention, the substitution of players comes with a huge responsibility for the coaches. In real-time, the strategic and impeccable selection of the players for the substitution is what defines the “real ability” of the coaches. withal, the substituted players decide the win or loss of the game.

How Many Players Are on an NBA Team? Basketball NBA Roster Size

NBA Roster Size: 15 Players.

How Many Players Are on an NBA Team

In the offseason, the NBA team roster comprises 20 players maximum. Once the season commences, the number of players reduces to a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 14 on the team roster. However, the number of “active players(in the active roster)” ranges from 12 to 13. Primarily, the 5 players play on the court(the active players at the present time), and the remaining 8 sit on the bench(the inactive players at the while) waiting for their turn to come. The game may often be played only by the 8-10 players and thus the remaining suited-up players may end up not performing/playing on the game night.

NBA Hardship Exception:

Although the total number in the NBA roster is defined i.e 15. However, on the basis of some exceptions a team can face, the defined figure can vary in ascending or descending numbers. The exceptions include:

  • Teams are allowed to have 16 players on the roster if minimally four or more players of the team get injured/out due to injury at times. The team is granted the leverage to add an extra player making the total up to 16 players on the roster. Once the injured players recover, the team is supposed to 15-player real roster figure. The exemption they sign to get the extra player is known as the “NBA Hardship Exception.”
  • Teams are allowed to request one extra player in case of suspension of one of their players. 
  • In rare circumstances, the team may have a total of 12 to 13 players on the team roster. However, the team must fulfill the criteria of a defined minimum figure of ’14 players’ within two weeks.

Two-Way Contract Players:

In addition to the total 15 players on the team roster, the head coaches may add up to ‘2 players’ by signing a two-way contract. These players are usually the G-league players(also known as the development league). The players usually sign a 3-day or 7-day contract yet it can vary on the demand of the coaches/the team need. They usually get a chance to play either in the replacement of the injured players or the suspended ones. The salaries of these players depend on their ‘total time played.

How Many Players Are on a College Basketball (NCAA) Team?

NCAA College Roster Size: 15 Players(13 active, 2 inactive).

How Many Players Are on a College Basketball Team

Similar to the NBA, 15 players are allowed to be on the team roster In college basketball. However strictly 13 players have permission to suit up and sit on the bench unlike NBA with 12/13 players. The remaining two players in college basketball are not allowed to sit on the bench but behind the bench.

The limitations in the college budget may result in a limited hand-out of full scholarships to the team’s players or partial/no scholarships to the players.

How Many Players Are on a Fiba Basketball Team?

FIBA Roster Size: 12 Players.

How Many Players Are on a Fiba Basketball Team

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has formed the simplest of rules for the teams by giving the definite number of 12 players on the team roster, where 5 actively play on the court and the remaining resides on the bench.

FIBA play has gained paramount popularity in the United States because of the formation of the team with all superstars brought to one place. Let’s take a look at Team USA’s roster for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup:

  • Derrick White
  • Donovan Mitchell
  • Joe Harris
  • Marcus Smart
  • Harrison Barnes
  • Jaylen Brown
  • Jayson Tatum
  • Mason Plumlee
  • Myles Turner
  • Brook Lopez
  • Khris Middleton
  • Kemba Walker

How Many Players Are on a Wnba Team?

WNBA Roster Size: 12 Players.

How Many Players Are on a Wnba Team

The WNBA follows the same rule as that of the NBA. The WNBA allows 12 players, 5 on the court and the remaining on the bench for substitutions or replacements.

Do Players Play Multiple Positions in Basketball? 5 Basketball Positions in a Team:

The basketball court has various foundational positions that come with unique responsibilities. The players tend to be experts in one or more positions and play in accordance with their matched roles. The players on the team roster are skilled, assigned, and play according to the positions they are specialized in. There are basically 5 fundamental positions under which a player can play on the basketball court. It includes;

  • Point Guard: The primary ball handler and play-caller. The point guard is generally the facilitator acting as a secondary source to get the teammates involved for scoring and to run the play smoothly. 
  • Shooting Guard: Expert in shooting and scoring but also know how to efficiently defend. They hold a charge at the three-point line and wing on the court.
  • Small Forward: Works as Defensive by driving the opponent players into the paint, and Offensive by creating the space for the guards to work and being on the wing too.
  • Power Forward: Considered a big man, who helps at both ends of the floor.
  • Center: With multiple responsibilities, the center acts as a protector for the rim, patrols the paint, and catches the lobs. He’s also a great rebounder too.

The more versatile player you are, the more chances of selection are there. Hence, the players have now started to be experts in all facets of the game.

The team roster size varies from league to league. However, a maximum of 5 players are allowed on the court in any league. No players are strictly chosen to play the game and the players on the court and the bench keep on shuffling their roles and positions whenever needed.

The players are expected to perform their best in whatever position they play and to give their winning performance. The better a player play, the more valuable he becomes to the team.

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