Field Goal in Basketball, Its Types, Guidelines, Goal Percentage & Points

Field goals are the basic way of scoring baskets through slam dunks, three-pointer, layups, and other shooting moves. FG is the short abbreviation used for a field goal in basketball. In basketball, a field goal is worth 2 or 3 points according to the distance of the shot made from the basket. A field goal value can be changed in different competitions and leagues.

In FIBA 3×3 basketball competitions the field goal is worth one point and in the BIG3 basketball league, the field goal is worth four points. In the NBA rule book, box scores, and statistics, and in referees’ rulings the word field goal is used as the official phraseology; however, the same terminology is officially used by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and high school basketball. The free throws are not considered a field goal which is another way of scoring points in basketball.

What Is Field Goal in Basketball

The field goals help players to score more points through 2-point or 3-point field goals. If you are a good shooter then you can become the best field goal scorer on your team. The field goal can be attempted from beyond the three-point line and from inside the three-point line. There are different terminologies used in field goals which are mentioned below.

FG%   Field Goal Percentage
3P%   Three Point Field Goal Percentage
FGM   Field Goals Made
%3PM   Three Point Field Goals Made
%3PAPercentage of a Team’s 3 Point Field Goals Attempted
DFG%   Defensive Field Goal Percentage
D3P%   Defensive Three Point Field Goal Percentage
2FGTwo-Point Field Goals
%BLKATeam’s Blocked Field Goal Attempts
%FGAPercentage of a Team’s field Goals Attempted
%FGA 3PTField Goals Attempted 3 pointer
2FG%  2 Point Field Goal Percentage
2FGA2 Point Field Goals Attempted
2FGM2 Point Field Goals Made
3P%3 Point Field Goal Percentage
3PM3 Point Field Goals Made
CFG%Contested Field Goals Percentage
EFG%Effective Field Goal Percentage
FGAField Goals Attempted
Paint Touch FGPaint Touch Field Goal
Pull Up FGPull Up Field Goal

In the above table, you can easily find the common abbreviations used in basketball. In this article, I will guide you through everything that you need to know about field goals in basketball. Let’s have a quick eye at the below details of field goals.

Type of Field Goals in Basketball & Points

Field goals are divided into two categories that are two-point field goals (two pointer) and Three-point field goal (three-pointer). These field goal points depend upon the distance of the court. Let’s dig out more details about the types of field goals.

1. Two Point Field Goal Basketball

Any shot attempt within the three-point line is considered a 2 pointer field goal that is worth two points in the game. The shot can be scored inside a three-point arc that includes the paint and midrange. You can earn two points for your team with a successful two-pointer shot. You will be surprised to know that a shot made from any place on the court gives you two points before the three-point shot was introduced. There are different ways to attempt 2 pointer that includes layup, dunk, hook, floater, and jump shot inside the three-point line.

Two Point Field Goal Basketball

2. Three-Point Field Goal or Three Pointer

A 3 pointer shot is an attempt outside the three-point line or outside the three-point arc that is worth three points. The three-pointer was added to NBA in 1979. The three-pointer is a popular shot in teams and is often used by players to win the game. The three-point line distance is normally 23 feet 9 inches from the center of the basket but you will be amazed to know that the first three-point line was about 21 feet in 1945. A three-point arc-shaped line determines your point’s worth in a match. Stephen Curry is the ultimate legend of three-pointer who scored 3,117 field goals.

Three-Point Field Goal or Three Pointer
Three-Point Field Goal

Guidelines of Field Goals

Every game is defined by some rules and regulations and in order to get success in the game you have to follow the rules and regulations of the game. I will guide you through the rules and regulations of field goals and these rules are necessary to follow if you want to earn points for your team.

  • A field goal is only considered legal when a ball enters the basket from above and remains in or passes through the net.
  • A successful field goal from the area on or inside the three-point line is worth two points.
  • A successful field goal from outside the three-point field goal is worth three points.
  • Prior to the three-point field goal attempt the shooter must place one foot on the floor outside the three-point field goal line.
  • The player’s feet may not touch the floor on or inside the three-point field goal line.
  • Once the ball is released the shooter can place his feet on the three-point line, or the shooter land in the two-point field goal area.
  • The points of field goal will be added to the opponent’s score if the field goal is accidentally scored in an opponent’s basket.
  • If a shooter attempts a field goal at an opponent’s basket then it is considered a violation and the opposing team will get the possession of the ball at the free throw line extended.

Field Goal Shot Clock

Do you know about the shot clock in basketball? If not then I will tell you the importance of the shot clock in field goals. The shot clock is a timing device that shows a countdown of the time within which the field goal must be attempted. It is compulsory that the shot clock time must start at 24 seconds. Let’s check out the below guidelines for the shot clock.

Field Goal Shot Clock
  • The shot clock begins when the team gains possession of the ball which is in play.
  • The team has to attempt a field goal before the shot clock expires after gaining possession of the ball.
  • In order for a valid field goal attempt the ball must leave the player’s hand before the shot clock expires and once the shooter leaves the ball it must make contact with the basket ring.
  • The shot clock will not stop if a ball is touched by a defensive player in case of non-possession of the ball.
  • A shot clock violation will be called if the team fails to attempt a field goal within the allotted time frame. The defensive team gains possession of the ball on the sideline, close to the spot where play was suspended.

Field Goal Percentage System

A field goal percentage is also known as FG% is a tool to measure the success rate of team shooting. You need only two stats to calculate the field goal percentage. One is the number of shots made and the second is the total number of shots attempts. You can divide these two numbers to calculate the percentage. A higher FG% shows high efficiency that’s why an FG% of (50%) or above is considered a good percentage.

Field Goal Percentage System

Frequently Asked Questions About Field Goal

These are the frequently asked questions related to the field goal by many basketball players.

How Many Points Is a Field Goal in Basketball?

You can score 2 points or 3 points in the field goal because there are two types of field goals in basketball that is two-point field goal and a three-point field goal. The shot attempt within the three-point line is a two-point field goal and the shot attempt outside the three-point arc is a three-point field goal.

Is a 3 Pointer Considered a Field Goal?

There are only two types of field goals in basketball that is a two-point field goal and the other one is a three-point field goal. 3 pointer is also represented by different names that are three-point field goal, three, or trey. If a three-point field goal is made beyond the three-point line then it is worth 3 points. The three-pointer is a common way to score points in the game.

Who Are the Best Field Goal Players in Basketball?

If we start looking at the best field goal players then there are many players who work hard to become the best field goal players. Let’s have a look at the below list to know about the best players.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar   
  • LeBron James   
  • Karl Malone
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Michael Jordan
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Shaquille O’Neal

Final Conclusion

I hope you will explore more about the field goals by reading this article which will eventually help you to understand the field goals in basketball. There are only two types of field goals that will help you to earn two-point or three-point field goals for your team. Field goals are all about scoring points depending on the distance of the attempt from the basket. The above details will help you to understand each and everything about the field goal.

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